My Thoughts On Million Dollar Listing New York

Million Dollar Listing is an extremely popular TV series from Bravo that follow the journeys of a few top producing real estate agents in major cities such as Los Angeles or New York. Each city has a different type of ambience due to their location and cast; so it's noteworthy to mention there are different degrees of authenticity in the deals that transpire on the show. It's hard to tell sometimes if a deal was replayed and acted after it was already closed, but sometimes there are tell tale signs that they have been recycled and over-enthused.

Some of the deals are definitely shot in real time, and so I would say 50% to 80% of the deals have real-time reactions to listing appointments, showings, and closings. But in others, you can tell that they have been rehashed after the deals have gone through due to scheduling times. There are lots of conspiracy theories out there talking about this. This blog post wont be that, but I will touch on how unrealistic some of the deals that were shown can be.

In my opinion, the most realistic deals are ones where there is less hype. These are usually accompanied with professional sounding meetings and listing appointments, and real-time reactions of negative rejections and language. For example, in the latest episode of Season 8 that aired on September 26, Ryan Serhant tried to pitch branding a Harlem apartment development into "The Smile", which was abruptly stopped by the developer to say it was "stupid".

Also in my opinion, the most disingenuous deals came when some of the agents coincidentally cross paths with the other agents in the show. In a huge city like New York, there is a very low chance that this happens especially considering they have their own deals to worry about in their own time blocks. For example, Frederik meets Ryan at the gym by happenstance to talk about a deal. Perhaps this was perfect timing and intentional by Frederik in order to pitch to Ryan, but it could also be a scene engineered by producers. Another example of this happening was when the new guy Tyler meets Ryan in order to learn what he did wrong in a listing pitch, which Ryan won and took from him. Once again not very realistic but it could happen.

Another thing that is unrealistic, that MLD New York incorporates, are a lot of the theme parties for open houses or broker showings. Usually Frederik and Ryan create bashful themed parties such as Disco or "Tech Night" in order to bring in volumes of brokers and buyers to their listings. Once again, it could happen as these are well known and prosperous agents with tons of money at their disposal, but it is not realistic for the average agent out there. It is not the norm.

The purpose of this post was not to bash MLD-NY, but to showcase what really happens in the industry for most NYC agents. This is also to paint a picture of the reality of Real Estate so that newbie agents do not get trapped into false thinking, or enter in the field with false expectations.

What really happens sometimes is having an open house and not having a lot of people show up to it. Or, cold calling and receiving numerous rejections as a new agent because they are starting from scratch to build their Rolodex. Another thing that can happen is going to rental appointments and dealing with low quality customers who are disloyal because they are looking at listings from different providers and agents to get the best deals. Or dealing with customers that have lofty expectations and are always giving push back on your ideas.

Yes rejection happens a lot on the show, which is depicted many times, so there is definitely a lot of realism in it. I think that because of how the show mixes in hyperbole with realism, it can sometimes be disingenuous to what the industry really is like. Nevertheless, I love the show and I enjoy learning from each agent there, who are top producers in their own right and with different styles.

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