How To Get Maximum Exposure On Your Home

Contrary to popular belief, there are many factors that dictate how quickly a home gets sold or not. Many of these factors are unpredictable, but depending on how you control the factors that you can control, you will be able to maximize the probability of getting your home sold for top dollar.

Eyes On The Prize 

You want your home to have the most eyes on it. You want people to look at your home like it's the prize you know it is. You've invested so much time in it, repaired that broken water heater during the dead of winter, cooked many a family meal in the kitchen, and raised your children in it. You want other people to have the opportunity to enjoy your home as much as you enjoyed it. Hence why you want as many eyes on your prize as possible. Here is why I believe that any looker is good for your home. As a professional salesman, I believe in talking to everybody interested in your home and making a superb first impression. This is because I want my reputation to be a good one in their minds so that they can recommend myself and your home to all of their family members, relatives, and friends. Even though they themselves might not be pre-qualified to buy your home and are just window-shopping, they all know someone that might be able to help out. Our reputation precedes ourselves and we want to stand out from among the crowd. Most Real Estate Salespeople only target the serious buyers and pay no mind to the ones that aren't. That, in my opinion, is the wrong move. 

Get Listed On The MLS 

This applies to both FSBOs and traditional home sellers alike. FSBOs, or For Sale By Owners, are people who attempt to list their home(s) on their own. As a result, they are responsible for all of their own marketing, scheduling and showing their homes, manage the transactions and escrow process of closing, and deal with the negotiation aspects of all offers. Not to mention, they also have to stage the home and prepare to entice buyers into their home in some way.

Nevertheless, here is how you can list on the MLS for a flat-fee. You go to and you pay the fee of $399 and you get your home listed on the MLS for 6 months. The caveat is, since you paid the Listing Broker their flat-fee for listing your home in the MLS, they are not obligated to help you sell your home one bit. You are required to deal with all buyer's broker's and pay their broker's fees and all of the sell-side of transactions as well.

The MLS is a huge benefit to your home because you have buyer's agents daily looking at all of the listings on market. And if your home happens to fit their buyers' criteria, they will contact you ASAP and put down an offer!

Stage Your Home 

Staging your home is crucial. Believe it or not, staging your home can be as inexpensive or as expensive as you want or need it to be. Preferably, you want to be able to hire a professional stager and see what she or he recommends in order to pull top-dollar for your home. But, should you be in a budget crunch, there are surefire ways to inexpensively double your probabilities of selling your home at top dollar.

For example, you can take down all personal photo frames on the wall and replace them with stock photos from Walmart. This can really enhance your wall and make it visually enticing to buyers. They will visualize themselves putting their own family photos on the wall.

Another way you can easily double your chances at selling for top dollar is painting the walls a great color that cohesively fits all of the rooms in the house. Lets say you have a kids room and you purposefully painted it pink because it was your daughter's room. Now you might have to repaint all of the walls in the house a more modern shade to let buyers know how privileged they are to be in your home that you took such well care of.

Finally, one more way you can easily enhance picture qualities for your MLS listings is putting in new rugs and furniture (that you rent of course) that maximizes the space on the home, matches the color palette of the walls, and provides beautiful photography of your home. 

These are just some small ways you can stage your home either inexpensively or within your budget. This will drastically place a positive impression in buyer's minds as it will stand out among all of the other MLS listings which have average photos taken from smartphones.

Is It Priced Right? 

Last but surely not least, pricing is a crucial component in how long a home stays on market versus how quickly it gets sold at top dollar. One thing you have to keep in mind is that you should think that it's a positive that your home sold at or greater than market price. A lot of times, when people have homes that sell really quickly, they think that they could have made a lot more money if they had priced it higher the first time. One thing you have to understand is that the market dictates price, and buyer psychology is sometimes irrational. Maybe you did have a neighbor who sold her house and got what she wanted for it; but perhaps she was just inflating the price to brag, or she got lucky and a buyer just absolutely had to have her home and bought it at market-premium. You have to be prepared to take profits in this game, and think of the selling process like the stock market. You have to control the variables you can control, control your risk parameters and look at the data.

Comparative market analysis which adjusts for similar properties sold, home improvements, neighborhood data, education system and etc. are all important components in generating a CMA that is as closely tied to the Appraisal report as possible. If a buyer is financing your home purchase, their bank is going to order an Appraisal report, and if it's severely under or over the price you have set for the home, you may have just lost out on an opportunity.

Get Maximum Exposure For Your Home

These are just a few main components that directly affect how quickly and how much money you receive for selling your home. On an NAR statistic, homes that were listed with a selling agent at commission, sold for roughly $35,000 more than FSBOs. Being able to get maximum exposure is key for selling houses. I sure hope this article has been helpful to you. Definitely do keep in touch.

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