Are You a LIC FSBO or Expired Home Seller (And Sick Of Phone Calls?)


I understand you're sick of the phone calls. If you're an expired home seller and your home was just recently taken off of the MLS, hundreds of agents are hounding you for your business. If you're a FSBO, I understand that it can be annoying when Real Estate Agents are calling you incessantly to list your home with them. I'm one of those Real Estate Sales professionals that will call you to help you take care of business and get your home sold. But I understand that it can be a grueling process because you don't know which ones are any good, honest, or quite frankly both. 

The good thing for you is that sales calls can no longer be placed for consumers until September 20, 2020 here in New York. That is based on a mandate set out by Governor Cuomo shortly after this pandemic hit around March. 

My desire is for you to be successful in anything you set out to do, particularly when it comes to selling your home. My only wish is for you to be honest with me, and for myself to be thorough and honest with you. As a Real Estate Salesperson, I have challenges of my own that comes with the territory. For example, buyers wanting to ask me where the location of a home is with the full intention of never working with me. I help them out anyways. Another challenge is, as mentioned, when home sellers want my expertise but don't want to pay any fee for compensation associated with it. I help them out as a courtesy basis. 

I understand the waters are sharky, but in this day and age, courtesy and honesty goes a long way. As a result, I help people out as much as I can while curating clients that I know will place their trust in me for the long term future. I'm always here to help. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me at any time. 

Are You a LIC FSBO or Expired Home Seller (And Sick Of Phone Calls?) Are You a LIC FSBO or Expired Home Seller (And Sick Of Phone Calls?) Reviewed by Alex Sung on August 16, 2020 Rating: 5

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