How To Spot The Best Deals

Finding the best home deals is a combination play. Not only do you have to think about where you want to move to, but also plan how long you want to live there, what your goals are, and shop around for the best rates. There is a lot more involved to real estate than you think because it is all predicated on your goals, timeframes, the market, and what your other professionals tell you (i.e. financial advisor, attorney, real estate agent, et. al. 

Your Goals

Are you a single parent, newlyweds, second time homebuyer, or just single and ready to mingle? Are you looking for certain parameters that are directly related to your visions or long term goals? If you're single, you might be more inclined to purchase in an area with plenty of modernity but is also in an area with lots of visibility and accessibility (sometimes too much accessibility). If you're a second time homebuyer, you might be more inclined to areas that have a lot of solace, greenery and space. There is, contrary to popular belief, lots of that here in New York. 


Maybe youre a hybrid buyer. You want somewhere to live short term but also have the ability to appreciate your investment over the long term. Perhaps if youre newlyweds, eventually you both wish to move to a more peaceful area in town. 

Jiu Jitsu; But for Real Estate Though

All of the moving parts in real estate have to really click together to truly provide the best, least-risk way to ensure that you're adequately cushioned for the future. Over buying or under paying might have long term effects. By consulting with each specialist you will ensure youre getting the right loan package for you fron your favorite lender, the best real estate analytics from your real estate guy, and financial advice from your financial advisor. It's not easy, but it doesn't have to be more difficult. 
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