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Howard Beach: Best Place to Buy a Home in NYC
Homes are still moving, home valuations are rising, but listing prices are slightly decreasing in the past 3 months to 12 months. Although there is still demand for higher priced luxury homes in Howard Beach (whether new or old), with there being pending home sales for such, homes that closed were more in the lower to mid priced homes such as the hot sheet shown below. 

With that being said, Howard Beach is still a luxuriously quaint place to live. The ecosystem is highly unique. The neighborhood is safe, it has a small beach town feel, it is in walking distance to numerous shops and restaurants, in easy commute to the JFK airport and the Air-train, and has highly renovated single family homes with lots of land. You have an easy commute to Brooklyn, Manhattan, and are on the fringe outskirts of Queens borough. Although not without its limitations, Howard Beach is a rising destination at the heart of the three main boroughs. What more can you ask for in a neighborhood? 

Closed Homes Hotsheet:

Howard Beach Home Sales - Single Family Homes - Summer2021

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