The Brooklyn Guide – Moving to NYC Guide

The Brooklyn Moving Guide

Brooklyn is a fantastic area to live in just solely by its proximity to the big city. Brooklyn presents itself many other facets by its history and culture components as well. Some of the many well-known areas you have grown to love are Williamsburg, Dumbo, Park Slope, Forte Greene, and Boerum Hill. Although these areas are still more affordable than it's Manhattanite counterparts, because of what they now embody, they are going to be more pricy in the years to come. 

Moving to Brooklyn has not just the element of price to it. More people are drawn to Brooklyn because of the mystique and the historical elements that it embodies. It is a culture hub, and just mentioning "Brooklyn" to a person from Kansas City, will draw a visual element in their minds eye. What I like to posit to you however, is that Brooklyn can also be a commute-hub; Not just for its nearness to the Big Apple, but also because of its nearness to the other lesser-sought but highly attractive sister: "Queens". 

The beauty of New York City is that whenever you enter into a new town, a whole new world materializes. Just the other day when I was driving back to my home in Howard Beach, NY, I saw a rooster just clucking around. Yes, you heard it right, a rooster. What I would like to present to you today is an opportunity to look at many areas of opportunities within Brooklyn that has a nearness to two of the main boroughs in New York City of Manhattan and Queens. 



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Why should you live in Bushwick? It presents itself as one of the largest opportunities for you to experience three realms in a cultural explosion. This is because Bushwick is located next to all of the culture hubs of not only Kings County, but Queens County as well. And the commute to Manhattan is just a stones throw away. 

If you were to go to war and you had to protect your kingdom, you would want it to be in Bushwick because its neighboring towns are Williamsburg, Long Island City, Middle Village, Glendale, Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, and more. What this means for you is lower cost of living, higher opportunities to travel, homebuying opportunities, and an opportunity to invest. 


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Flatbush is a home of scenery. It is like a movie. Although much further in proximity to Queens than it's Bushwick counterpart, Flatbush is amazing because it is next to two monuments: Sunset Park and Prospect Park. Did you know that Prospect park houses a botanical garden, but not only that, it also has a dog beach? In addition to all that, it also houses the Prospect Park Zoo! All these neighboring amenities makes Flatbush a movie destination. If you are a dog lover, Flatbush is the place to go. 

One of its neighbors is Park Slope. As you all should know, Park Slope is one of the most buzzing cities of Brooklyn right now. In fact, it is home to the Barclays Center, a premier destination for the arts and entertainment. In fact, if you wanted to expand the territory, you could even decide to explore moving into Prospect Heights, Prospect-Lefferts Garden, or Crown Heights to take advantage of all of this abundance. 


Brooklyn is the ultimate destination. It is a movie, and it is home to culture, abundance, and is a hustler's paradise. Every city within Brooklyn has its own quirks and there is beauty in that. If you know that Brooklyn is going to be your home, contact me!

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