Is Flushing, NY Good for Parking? Pros and Cons

 Is Flushing, NY Good for Parking?

There is a misconception out there that all of New York City is terrible for parking. But is this true? The quick answer is no; not true. There are some cities within New York that are actually amazing for parking, and then there are others that are actually not great at all! One of those cities is Flushing, NY.

Some of the greatest strengths of Flushing, Queens is that it is absolutely amazing for shopping, restaurants, and ease of transportation. Also, there are many suburban-esque areas out of the downtown area that is quiet with lots of street parking. In many areas of Flushing, everything is within walking distance or close commute to local shops. 

But sometimes, driving is necessary because of its convenience. For example driving to College Point, for the local shopping mall (that houses Best buy, Target, BJ's Warehouse, and more), is convenient because of how there is an affordable parking garage.

Here are just a few drawbacks about living in Flushing, Queens. The first one is that it has mixed messaging with the design of many of its homes. Every block seems to have different structural designs of its homes. There are a mix of modern homes, cozy dutch-inspired houses, oblong multi-family apartments. On the other side, commercially, there are many modern buildings mixed with mom-and-pop grocery stores that have the gritty look and smell of decades of operation.

The main drawback of Flushing, Queens is that parking within the downtown area is close to impossible without commuting much further in advance to scout for street parking. If you have lived in New York long enough, there are always some cities that are looser with parking laws than others. Flushing is strict. Parking within the inner city of Flushing is quite difficult because there is a mixture of commercial zoning, and lots of "no standing" mandates. But the biggest reason why parking is so difficult within the major shopping areas of Flushing is because there are so many parking enforcement officers just walking around waiting to catch people lacking. There have been so many times that I thought I parked correctly, only to find that I actually received a ticket because I didn't look at a sign correctly or I parked in a commercial zone on accident. 

Before I recap this article, I do have to mention that living in Flushing is convenient, especially when you walk a short distance away from the downtown area to your quiet Flushing apartment with lots of street parking available. Not only that, but rent is quite affordable there. There is a huge park in Flushing that also provides some greenery and exercise to your day.

Flushing Queens is a convenient area to live in, but it is not without its drawbacks. Perhaps its greatest strengths lie in its ease-of-transportation with the reliable busses and train stations. You will not go without food because there are always many grocery stores, restaurants, and other types of stores within a 5-to-10-mile radius. Additionally, the non-downtown area of Flushing is ultra-quiet! However, driving is sometimes a necessary luxury to have, and downtown Flushing is notorious for handing out parking tickets like a Costco lady/gentleman handing out food.

If you would like to see what I mean, contact me to look at one of these affordably luxurious homes in Flushing, Queens. I think you will enjoy it!

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