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Hello, it's a pleasure to be acquainted with you. My name is Alex Sung and I'm your awesome Long Island City Realtor covering that entire region including Corona, Woodside, Maspeth, Sunnyside, Astoria, and more. I absolutely love the area because of how it is affordable yet in close commute to Manhattan and Brooklyn! 

To get you to know a little bit more about me, I am trained in the ninja arts of Mixed Martial Arts. I love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and love going to Marcelo Garcia's school whenever I get the chance. 

I also love the tech side of Real Estate. Real Estate is becoming more and more digitized. Not to sound like a salesman (no-pun), but I absolutely love how welcoming yet hyper-focused my digital brokerage Real Broker NY LLC is. They are one of the foremost digital real estate brokerages in the country and I'm proud to be a part of it

As your Tech REALTOR® I aim to curate only the most precise details applicable to your needs based on an effective standpoint! By focusing on 80% of my energy on 20% of the things that bring you 80% of the results, I will be able to help you with the most relaxed yet focused manner. I not only curate what my actions will be, and how to streamline them for you, I also curate who I serve based on an energetic standpoint! Time is valuable and I want to ensure that I am working with the highest caliber people who respect the time value of money. I enjoy serving everyone to ensure that they get what they need based on my 3 pronged process of: Technology, Pricing & Transactions, and being Ethical & REAL!

Congratulations on deciding to sell your home! It was a big decision!
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