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Have you EVER dreamed about working from home?

Do you feel as if you would do your GREATEST work by being in an environment where someone is NOT breathing down your neck? Or maybe your current situation is not allowing you to work a traditional brick-and-mortar job. You may have sick family members that you have to be near, or else it would be dangerous for them. Working from home will allow you the opportunity to build a career, earn some income, and provide a safe living environment for you and your loved ones. Whatever your situation is, you can create a thriving career that is both lucrative and sensitive to your needs. I have had the same motivations as you and was able to grow my career while advancing my personal situations in a quick manner. In my remote company, I have risen through the ranks and changed my financial situation drastically! Working from home has changed my life, and I KNOW it can change your life too!

What are the CONS of Working from Home? 

Many bloggers tout the beauty of working from home, and I must admit, that I agree with nearly all of their points. We do not need to worry about the 30 minutes to 1-hour commute, no more rush hour, and we can save a lot of money on gas & take-out. However, working from home in any business, is the same as if you were working at a traditional office building. It takes a lot of hard work & sacrifice to make this work. There are some things you CAN do, and other things you should NOT do, and I will show you which ones.  

The PROS Outweigh the CONS

At work, I am blessed because I am doing work that caters to my strengths. I am also in a thriving environment that allows me to grow in my career. I found out how to thrive in this remote-work industry, and I have risen through the ranks in a short amount of time. Where else can you grow in a career that allows you to work from home, in your PJ's, while growing professionally? 

In this blog, I will provide you tips & tricks that have helped me get promoted year over year, without fail.

By reading & watching AlexSungNYC, you will be able to: 
  • Hear my genuine thoughts and reviews of products that have helped me drive productivity to great heights
  • Read a remote-work supervisor's real thoughts and opinions on self-improvement methods, through the power of technology, to drive your own economic growth to new heights! 
  • How you can also be successful in a work-at-home environment with all of my tips & tricks
  • And more!  

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