How to Play 🎭

Welcome to the game! Thanks for playing The Money Challenge 2023. Included here is a tutorial and rules guide for how to properly play the game. Also included is a table of contents for where to start first and dos and don'ts. Welcome! 

How to play

This is how you are going to play the money challenge in 2023. The biggest thing to remember is that you must take action. Planning is important, but what is more important than planning is doing. The reason why that is, is that while planning AND taking action, is infinitely superior to doing one or the other, taking action by itself is infinitely superior to planning. Planning things for too long can lead some people to procrastinate and eventually not do it while taking action by itself can lead to more results and data. Although it won't be completely efficient, you will have better results by doing rather than planning if you were to choose between the two. In a perfect world, you want to do both. 

To play this game you must stick to the script and must never skip steps. Once you beat a level, you must never go back. Essentially, once you beat a level, you can never go back in time to change your vocation if you decide to change your mind and change your class. The only way to do this is if you have beaten every level first and completely mastered that class. Only then will you be able to start over from Level 0. Once you lock in a class at Level 0, you have decided permanently to master that class or skill before being able to go back and choose another.  


The only rule is, you must always progress forward and never look back. Once you made a decision as a human being, you must stick to that decision through thick and thin. The only way to ever change your class or sub-class is to master every level completely, get lucrative results in real life, and then go back to rinse and repeat the levels in a wholly different class. 

Levels of the Game

Level 0: Choose your vocation

Level 1: Inmate of AlexSungNYU 

Level 2: Making a name 

sub-class: Lone Wolf 

sub-class: Keyholder

sub-class: Enforcer

Level 3: Being the Jr-Boss 

Promoted class: Shot Caller

Final Boss: Game Warden 

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