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I joined Real Broker NY LLC as a sales agent and I found that they are extremely good at what they do. The brokerage by and large have been very supportive of me and I was able to talk with the Broker directly. He was able to get me started. Also, the Real App is very well designed from an agent's perspective and also a buyer's perspective. The app is the linchpin of Real's technology; it is actually the first Real Estate app that I've used that I thought was very well performing. It's quick and easy to use and has great features such as talking directly to support, communicating with clients, looking at new listings, and more.



The latest benefit to arrive at Real is their agent referral program. It rolled out very recently and it's fantastic to see a company scale up in order to provide for their agents. What I noticed is that Real focuses on steady scalable growth. They seem to do things right the first time.

Some of the other benefits are higher commission splits starting at 85/15, stock incentive plan, high agent revenue share, and a lot of free tools with no monthly dues on your first year and consecutively so long as you produce at least one transaction in a year; that's fair.


Real Broker allows you to work from the comforts of your home. That comes with its own challenges as it all entirely lies on you to do the work to produce. However, it gives you options and opportunity. In a congested city such as NYC, you do need freedom in order to be able to maximize your time because commute times are one of the biggest time wasters that you will face.


There are many ways for compensation at Real. At Real there are 3 ways to generate income in real estate: Sales & Referral commissions, stock incentives, and agent attraction. Real plans on going public someday so their new roll out of incentivizing stocks for high performers will come in handy in the future.


The future in Real Estate is technology, and what better way to scale up your business and set yourself up for the future than joining Real Broker. Their app was immaculately designed to provide faster service for both agents and clients alike. Further, all of their tools were designed to be easy to use. It's straightforward and there are less bottlenecks you would usually get in other brokerages.

Real is typically for more experienced agents, so it is widely suggested that one gain experience in other brokerages before applying to Join Real.
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