Level 0️⃣: Choose Your 💵 Class

The first decision you will have to make is to decide on your permanent money career. Here, you have two options to take. 

The first one is to embark on a remote career working for an established company. You might want to take this route for several reasons. The first reason could be that this is a short-term play that you currently are doing to become financially solvent. While you might have other long-term goals, this is currently what will pay the bills in order to furnish the other ones. The second reason could be that you are just not willing to risk it for the biscuit and you want a sure thing. This might be personally, or personality related as you might be risk averse. The third reason could be that this has been your goal all along. The traditional path in an un-traditional setting (remote). It can be any number of things or a combination of things, but these might be the main reasons why you would want to undertake the well-beaten path of a traditional career.

The second option is to become a digital venturer, which is essentially a digital entrepreneur. There are more than a few ways that you can make this happen, and there is no right or wrong way. Other decisions might facilitate it better than others, but that decision is borne solely by you. Perhaps you are at a stage in life where you have had a fine career in the traditional setting. You have made enough money to allow you to quit your job and venture into the known, unknown. That is the digital commerce landscape. Another reason could be that you are young enough that age is at your side. You have plenty of time to learn and grow and currently, you have no desire to experience the career-building stage of working for an already established company. You just want to create your own venture. It can be any number of things, but all you know is that you want to make this happen, and you want it badly! 

Remote Career 

Step 1: Choose your industry

Step 2: Choose your remote career

Step 3: Reverse Engineer It!

Step 4: Implement the roadmap that you engineered

Digital Venturer 

Step 1: Choose your industry

Step 2: Choose your trade

Step 4: Implement the roadmap that you engineered

Your next step: Beat Level 1's Ass!  

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