\ Level 1 Correctional Institute: Inmate 007: My name is Bond...,___Bond

Level 1 Correctional Institute: Inmate 007: My name is Bond...,___Bond

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you getting tired of that overbearing cell boss barking orders around like a gang leader? At some point, you have just had enough of the shit, and it is time for a change of pace! Instead of being the one getting extorted for your mom's chump change, you decide that YOU are going to be the one that taxes the other inmates for goods and services rendered. This is the level that you decide to take matters into your own hands and soon you develop your hustle. 

Now obviously, you're not a real inmate, and no I have never experienced that life to know what it truly is like. But do you even want to learn what it's really like? NO! Thankfully, you have this website to live out your imaginary fantasies. 

What this really is, is a metaphor and philosophy of your life right now. And right now, you are trapped in the prison of your life. Someone or something is dictating the pace of your life and you are trapped in that matrix. No, we're not going to talk about your life. I am neither your psychologist nor am I your wellness coach. But what I am is your productivity coach and I am here to make your life more productive, efficient, and effective. 

After months or even YEARS of living in this institute with hundreds of other inmates vying for everybody's attention and respect, you finally are DONE living for the noise. You are done living for their approval, and you just want to get away! You want to be the one to finally script the narrative of your life and have everyone respect YOU for it. 

So now you are scheming and planning on your first successful hustle. Sure, you have tried to do little things here and there, but they never quite took off the way you were anticipating it would. Sure, cash and commissary are the things that you don't have right now. But what you do have plenty of is time. And you have an overabundance of it! 

This is the time that you have to start building your skills and implementing new knowledge bases so that you can build up your hustles to eventually build up your cash flow and commissary inventory to new heights. They say that scared money don't make money, and that is entirely true here! Currently, your currency is time, and eventually, that time investment is going to pay off in full! 

So, inmate 007, this is your bunkie Alex Sung NYC talking. I am here as your Sr. advisor, aka bunkie, to help you navigate your journey from inmate 007 to either Lone Wolf 007, Enforcer 007, or even Keyholder 007. As an inmate, you have an abundance of time and right now the way you can utilize that time is by figuring out who you want to be in here, and eventually when you get out. 

Your First Assignment

Your first assignment is to figure out which career you want to go into.

Second Assignment

Your second assignment is to reverse engineer that avatar of the person you want to become.

Third Assignment

Your third assignment is to implement the reverse-engineered roadmap that you analyzed and developed.

Fourth Assignment

Your last assignment is to scale the person you eventually became and evolve it to reach the next level! After the fourth assignment has been mastered, you have eviscerated this level, and have been promoted to Level 2. You have just increased your notoriety level! GREAT WORK!

Level 2 Correctional Institute: Inmate 007 Evolves Into...

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