NYC Homebuyer's Checklist

NYSAR, the New York State Association of Realtors, have really amazing tools and tips for new homebuyers to make their homebuying process smooth! This will help you figure out how much you can estimate to spend on just the principal of the home as well as closing costs! Some of these may be able to be negotiated if you do have a great Real Estate agent such as myself! Please utilize these resources and do ask me anything about this process. If you would like to have my services as a fiduciary, do sign a buyer's representation agency disclosure so that I have your best interests in mind! 

Home Checklist:

Check it carefully

New home or not so new, it pays to know what to look for regarding its structure, equipment and surroundings. Though a final assessment can be made by an inspection service company, this checklist can serve as a reminder of what you should look for – in order to make a wise buying decision.

Foundation. Check floors and walls for evidence of water seepage or moisture problems. Minor settling cracks not structurally significant.

Drainage. Sump pump for foundation draining. Crawl space dry.

Termite and wood rot. May require inspection from qualified exterminator for existing and potential problems.

Floors. Condition of flooring, whether plank or plywood. Solid construction of bridging and joists.

Walls. Condition of walls, whether drywall or plaster. Absence of water marks.

Attic. Sufficiently insulated and ventilated.

Fireplace. Damper in working order, flues to chimney clear.

Heating. Type of plant…minor periodic maintenance required – oil fan motor, lubricate bearings, clean humidifier, replace filters, etc.

Hot water system. Type and gallon capacity. How long present unit in service (if older home).

Electrical. Standard house current, number of circuits, outlets and circuit breakers sufficient for everyday needs. Condition of wiring.

Plumbing. Good water pressure throughout house. Tie-in to local water supply and sewage disposal system. Pipe joints clean and rust-free.

Appliances and fixtures. Range, refrigerator, dishwasher/disposal, laundry facilities, etc. all in working order. Accommodation for gas grill hook-up. Bathroom and kitchen fixtures in good shape.

Lot and landscaping. Grading level or properly contoured. Trees and shrubs sufficient for needs. Fences, walks, patio and driveway in good condition.

Exterior walls. Type suitable to weather conditions, need for any periodic maintenance (painting).

Doors and windows. Easy to open and close (or replace) for storm/screen removal or installation.

Roof. Gutters and downspouts in good condition. If older home, how long have shingles been in use? (Normal 20-25 year life-span.) Chimney flashing tightly caulked.

Garage. Doors or opener in good working order. Sufficient electrical and heating access.

Purchaser’s Estimated Costs Worksheet

Purchaser’s Estimated Costs Worksheet



Purchase Price

Down Payment


Gross Monthly Costs

Principal and Interest

Real Estate Taxes (Estimated)

Fire or Homeowner’s Insurance Premium


Monthly Cash Outlay (Estimated)

Monthly Tax Deductions

Mortgage Interest (Estimated)

Real Estate Taxes (Estimated)

Total Monthly Tax Deductions (Estimated)

Net Monthly Cost

Monthly Cash Outlay (Estimated)

Monthly Tax Savings (Assuming ___ % tax bracket)

Net Monthly Cost (Estimated)

Source: NYSAR



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