Step 1 Hiring Your REALTOR®


Many home sellers start the selling process by going to sites such as Movoto, Zillow, Trulia, or Redfin to discover what their home might be worth. Unfortunately many of these websites utilize what we call AVMs or Automated Valuation Models. Typically, these valuation models might have skewed data as they oftentimes use comparables that might not have the same features, or use home sales that are not recent.
  • Sometimes properties that are shown on Zillow might not be the most accurate as they might have already sold months ago, but were never updated by the agent to reflect it as such. 
  • Professional appraisers only take into account homes that were sold within the past 90 days. Usually, online sites make it very difficult to find only homes that sold within the last 90 days 
First interview the REALTOR® to represent you by asking them to provide you with a CMA or Comparable Market Analysis

Narrow Down 

Interviewing Realtors® is almost like hiring an employee for your company correct? Hopefully you've made the correct decision by contacting me and my team at (646) 435-1975 or email at [email protected] to confirm we are the best fit.

Wouldn't you agree that finding someone who is great at his or her job, and is someone whom you like and trust is paramount for selling your home with the best experience possible? Ask your friends or family members for referrals and conduct an initial phone interview with those agents. The Realtor® should be getting back to you within 24 hours as this business moves fast and deals can be lost at the drop of a dime.

Phone Interview

During this interview, find out whether the agent knows the neighborhood(s) well and ask about their experience. If your gut instinct tells you this agent is the best one for the job, have them do a CMA on your home and set up a time to meet with them in person or Zoom chat. Be prepared to have the Realtor® ask you questions pertaining to the house such as how old the roof might be, what repairs are needed, how much is owed on the mortgage, and etc.

Meet in Person/Zoom and Review the CMA

When you meet with the REALTOR® in person or via Zoom, ask them questions that might be beneficial to you. You might be a person who likes to go over the details, or someone who likes to take action immediately, and etc. Finding an agent that jives with you and does things similar to you but isn't afraid to push your envelope when it comes to accuracy might not be a bad thing right? Now go over the CMA and ask the Realtor® pertinent questions that have to do with the neighborhood such as what the days on markets were, what they believe your home is worth, and more. Ask them how much you can possibly net if your home were sold for X price (refer to our estimated seller's proceeds guide), what their fee for service is, and more. Be absolutely honest with the agent so that he or she can best service you. For example, if you need to sell your home for a certain amount of money, time frames, or whether you need this sale to purchase a new home. The Realtor® will work with you and strategize a game plan particular to your needs.

Sign The Agreement

Once you've picked your Realtor® expect to sign a listing agreement authorizing that Realtor® to represent you. That begins the home selling process so that the most eyes view your prize. As a Realtor of both OneKeyMLS™ and New York State MLS, and being able to syndicate with multiple online channels, I will be able to help you with that.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me or my team at (646) 435-1975 or email at [email protected]  
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