Step 3 Tidying Up Like Marie Kondo


80% of people who live in their home for at least 3 years or more have one thing in common: they all like things in specific ways. Some might be the type of people who should be on an episode of hoarders. Their home is filled with special gnome collectibles that they litter their windows with. Or some might even like the eclectic look: tables filled with stacks upon stacks of paperwork, a random flamingo on top of astro turf on their deck/front yard, and quite possibly a unique one-of-a-kind gargoyle that spits water (fountain).

What Would Marie Kondo Do? (WWMKD)

Marie Kondo, a reknowned organizing person, has sold millions of copies of her book internationally and is best known as the world's foremost expert on decluttering and being able to organize homes. Her work can be best described as minimalist-meets-organization, almost like the kanban of home decor—Except, without the flair of sex appeal, it's more geared towards something that looks utilitarian, kempt, and modern. 

The first thing Marie Kondo would tell you is to get rid of the things that you don't need. Imagine what a buyer might think when he or she sees a space that is littered with cat dander and mothballs? Uber disgusting! There might be a rare 1 out of a million chance that you might meet a fellow crazy cat person, but highly unlikely. Think about when you first bought your home...Did you envision yourself living in it? What made you envision that? A perfectly decluttered and organized home would not only make Marie proud, but it would also provide a mentally empty canvass to the buyer. In this case, the buyer is Salvador Dali and he wants to paint the picture in his head for his future home. 


It's totally up to you if you want to stage your home professionally with a home stager, but here are the use cases for home staging. First of all, a professional home stager will look at what your budget is, see what can be done in order to make the home look as A1 as possible, and implement their design. In my opinion, perfect home staging complements expert photography in the sense that it helps provide more eyes into the door. You can tell the difference from a listing that utilizes professional photography versus pictures that incorporate the latest and greatest in smartphone technology. When the buyers step into the door, they will see that the home looks exactly as they saw on the MLS, and they instantly picture themselves living in it.

What Are You Waiting For?

Hurry up and declutter or stage your home: In a perfect world both! The buyers are waiting in line to see it just like my silly butt waiting to purchase my items from Target!

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