Step 4: Find Your Dream House! (NYC Homebuying)


step 4: nyc homebuying-finding your dream house!

1) We are going to meet and talk about your home needs! After that has been decided and we have a full know-how of what the process will entail, we will start plugging your email with daily to weekly MLS search results within 24 hours. These home listings will be plugged straight to your inbox so that you will get the brand new home listings straight to you confidentially!

2) If a home sparks your interest, email or text me as soon as possible! What this will accomplish is setting up appointments on a first-come first-serve. This way, we will be first in line for all homebuying appointments. Most Realtors require 24 hour notice so that they can set up a showing with the seller and also so they can prepare their own schedules! Us Realtors lead busy lives and without organization, we would accomplish nothing! Likewise, by setting up appointments with a healthy amount of forewarning, we will accomplish better results! 

3) After setting up the appointments for house showings, I will then ask if you would prefer to meet me at the location, or have me chauffeur you there! 

4) Wear something comfortable like Slip-on's or Sperry's! It will make your lives a lot easier when we visit the homes and they ask us to take off our shoes. Doubly so since Covid requires us to be extra secure when we visit these houses for sale. 

5) I will ensure you have the listings straight to your inbox so you don't need to bring a pen or paper. I will also make sure all the documents we need to sign are brought with me using my secure iPad!

Step 4: Find Your Dream House! (NYC Homebuying) Step 4: Find Your Dream House! (NYC Homebuying) Reviewed by Alex Sung on September 08, 2021 Rating: 5

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