Step 5: Repair & Restore!

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When you repair your car, what does that do for you? Let me give you a few minutes to think about it...Ready? It helps restore your car and makes it functional again wouldn't you say? The same thing goes for your home. I understand that when you're selling your home, margins might be tight but making sure that everything is go-ready by the time the home hits the market will ensure that it can get the maximum dollar value it can get. If you took the time to do a pre-inspection report on your own dime, as mentioned on step 4, you would know exactly what would be the sticking points for the deal correct? If you have a 5+ year old roof, it might be time to fix it. It could be an issue if a VA appraiser requires a new roof if it has been above 5 or 10 years. Or, if the buyer is really going to have an issue with some of the old decor, sprucing that up should be an inexpensive job that yields a high rate of return. 

Here are some affordable things you can do that can generate a high return for you:

  • Changing to new, bright light bulbs with a low wattage consumption 
  • Steam cleaning the carpets
  • Based on comps, the homes that sold the highest were hardwood floored homes, perhaps we can change to hardwood flooring after we get a good deal with a contractor?

Here might be some dealbreakers that you might have to fix, unless you want a longer time on market as-is! 

  • Fix that old leaky roof!
  • Upgrade the heating or cooling system because it might be failing!
  • What would the buyer do? Think about that for a moment and then compare that with what the pre-inspection report says! 
These are some ways that you can spruce up your home and make sure that the next buyer enjoys it as much as you did over the years! 

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