Step 9: Your Home is Live on OneKey™ MLS!

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By working with us, you will get what is fair, proven systems, and less waste. By being a New Yorker, I am sure you are financially savvy and cognizant of your environment. We are the same way.

We focus on 80% of the objectives that sells your home, without mincing on excellent customer service. It will be my pleasure to sell your home in 57.50 days; or else I won't charge you an exorbitant commission! (terms will apply of course)

What we focus on


Educating you on the steps and what to expect during the home selling process. While you will be working with a consummate professional, it still entails a partnership for it to be made possible! Teamwork makes the dreamwork as they say! By letting you know of what to expect, you won't be alarmed when things make a big left turn. 


Negotiation catered to your needs. By focusing on yourself as a person, I will be able to know exactly what to expect when it comes down to the brass tacks. I will be making sure that I will have your interests in mind, while flowing with the buyer and their agent to see what their bottom lines are. I have a whole system on that, and I can't wait to share some of it with you! 

Home Staging

I will be mindful of your needs, budgets, and wants. By doing so, I will be focusing less on the ancillary things that don't matter as much. However, home staging is still a very crucial process of the home selling process. I will know exactly what to expect from you as it pertains to home staging and I will give you my two cents! After all, home selling is all about how to market and sell the property so that the buyer can envision themselves living in it! 

Comprehensive Market Analysis 

I will research the neighborhood, let you know of what the trends are, and what you might expect realistically from selling the property. This way, I will be sufficiently armed with the intel to get the most dollars for your home, while giving the buyers the most value that they have ever wanted in a home. 


By focusing on only the maximal essentials; i.e. Pareto Law: focusing on the 20% of things that yield 80% of the results, you will have a calmer and easier time with selling your home. Whether we have the results we are looking for, or not, I will make sure that your expectations are firmly structured so that you won't be too disappointed. However, when things go our way, you will be over the moon! Life is about excellence and living; I want to make sure you are completely fulfilled on both ends! 

Step 9: Your Home is Live on OneKey™ MLS! Step 9: Your Home is Live on OneKey™ MLS! Reviewed by Alex Sung on October 03, 2020 Rating: 5

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