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Like an MMORPG game, or anything that requires levels to reach, you will get the most out of life by gamifying it! When you get stuck in a rut, the only thing that can take you out of it is finding new ways to make what was previously enjoyable, even MORE enjoyable. To do this, I created levels for you to reach, no matter which class, skill, or industry you pick. After all, there are levels to this...

How to Play

The Financial Classes

To start the game of life, you chose 1 out of 2 financial classes: the Remote Career-er or the Digital Venturer. the Remote Career-er is a person who wants to focus on his or her career with an already established company. 

On the other hand, the Digital Venturer wants to focus on building their own company from scratch, whether it be for financial prosperity, independence, legacy, or sometimes all three! 

When you started this game, this decision was permanent

The Levels

Also known as sub-classes, levels are the period of time and stage in life where you currently are at. It is also known as your sub-class. As you progress through each level, you gain more and more responsibilities, notoriety, and currency. 

The Setting

Currently, you are stuck in a Level 1 correctional facility and have no choice but to rise through the ranks in this cold world of violence and bloodshed. This is now your matrix, and you only have a few years left to live within this matrix. 

Now, you get to pick either the blue pill or the red pill. The blue pill is thinking that the status quo is your reality and that you can never escape its unending circle of life. While the red pill is the thought that you have the ability to courageously triumph over troublesome hurdles and that you can escape the caste system of death. 

To pass the time, of which you have plenty, you have the option to grow in skill and knowledge so that when you eventually get out, you will more easily digest the red pill and break out of the confines of the matrix that you currently are in. Or you can pass the time doing frivolous activities that keep you on the same level for years on end so that by the time you do get out of prison, you will come right back due to the never-ending life and death of criminal laziness. The choice is yours! 

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