Why Hire Me?

You are a busy working professional who is interested in buying a home but don't have the time to search for high value homes at great prices. You want to get the best rates but you are unsure of hiring a broker because you believe paying commission fees lowers your buying power. You later find out that hiring a good agent saves you a bunch of time, especially in terms of logistics, letting you work on things that matter.

You are a first time home buyer who is unsure of what to do and where to start in the home buying process. You want to get the best prices or want to stay in your town, but you are unsure of what the market rates are or how much inventory is in supply. Luckily, you hired an agent who is a Realtor and has access to all of the inventory in the market. He is well connected with other agents and lawyers who can streamline the process for you.

You are wanting to sell your home to upgrade to a nicer location and a bigger house. You thought about selling it yourself, but you are busy and don't want the time commitment needed to sell it on your own. You read a statistic on the National Association of Realtors stating how 87% of homes were bought through an Agent or Broker in 2018. Your time value is higher than the time needed to commit to selling your house on your own, so you decide to hire an agent (me).

Who Am I?

Hey my name is Alex Sung, Realtor; I work predominantly in the Long Island City, Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan area offering tremendous value to select home sellers and choice home buyers with a guarantee.  I will sell your home within 57 days or I will work for free! (caveats apply). I also believe in having a risk-free Easy Exit Listing or Buying program. If for some strange reason you do not believe in me or my work, you can fire me at any time! I also have a communication guarantee. I will communicate with you at least once a week until I get your listing sold or you buy an awesome house!

A good Real Estate Agent is communicative, transparent, and reliable. But we are also human. I believe in owning up to all of my failures, but more importantly, celebrating alongside you with our successes. It takes team work to make the dream work, and I want to scale up with you, to the top.

Contact me to find out more about this program.
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