The Best Headset for Working from Home

As someone with a supervisory role in a billion-dollar work-at-home company, I have heard many people ask me "Alex, what is a good headset to buy?" Usually, this is attached to struggles they may face related to their audio concerns. Maybe they are experiencing their headset failing to work, maybe it just is not compatible with their work PC, or maybe they have a lot of background noise and want to minimize that. Here is a Cyber Monday post to help you decide which headsets to buy.

Logitech H570e

Logitech headsets are my go-to when it comes to working at home because they are affordable, high quality, and mesh well with virtually any PC. For my work, what is required is stability, low-to-no background noise, and integration with technology. For this reason, there is only one Logitech headset that has far exceeded my expectations, and in fact, I have bought two of them in the past 2 years. It is the Logitech H570e. This is because it is relatively comfortable, has advanced noise-canceling capabilities, and is a fraction of the cost for similar mid-to-high-end headsets. To give you an idea of what to expect, when I was working in my home office, the neighbor's kid was directly outside of my window playing basketball. Every time the ball hit the ground; the customers would not even notice a thing. It would sound just like faint taps. Another example is when I used to live near JFK airport, airplanes would constantly fly overhead our buildings, but my customers would hardly notice a thing! Buy it today! 

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