SR-9011: The Rev ErbA Agonist That Infects Circadian Rhythm


Type: Rev ErbA Agonist
Use: Circadian Rhythm Regulation
Halflife: 4 Hours

Misunderstood by many as a Sarm, SR-9011 is actually a Rev ErbA Agonist that regulates circadian rhythm. It does so by binding to the Rev-ErbA receptor which handles the Circadian Rhythm of the body. This is important because the body has an internal clock known as the core clock gene expression. Virtually all the major organs of the body, including the brain, utilize this to ensure that the body is in rhythm. 


  • Increases fat loss potential by restricting glucose as an energy source by utilizing fats.
  • Increased metabolic rate due to increased mitochondrial concentration.
  • Promotes recovery leading to potential athletic gains. 
  • Promotes athletic endurance.
  • Prevents overt inflammation of the body.
  • Lowers LDL cholesterol and increases HDL cholesterol. 
  • Regulates immune responses in the brain. 
  • Produces increased wakefulness.
  • Endues anti-anxiety-like effects. 
  • Studies show that there may be anti-tumor benefits.


Also expressed as Rev-Erb Alpha, it is one of two proteins (Alpha or Beta). Rev-ErbA directly impacts the entire body on a molecular and cellular level by regulating the body's core circadian clock. As a result, the entire body is impacted positively like metabolism and immunity. There are also positive physiological benefits within the brain, skeletal muscle, fatty tissue, and liver. 

Circadian Rhythm

Circadian Rhythm works is basically the body's internal clock. And similar to clocks, it works in 24-hour cycles. Timekeeping is important to keep the world stable; similarly, time is crucial to keeping the body stable. When the body's timekeeping is structured, the body will be stable because all of the molecular and cellular processes that promote stability (homeostasis) will be regulated. 

SR-9011 Influence

SR-9011 synthetically steps in and aids the Rev-ErbA nuclear receptor's role in keeping circadian rhythm stable. It does this by upregulating positive mechanisms and downregulating some negative processes that normally regulate circadian rhythm within the body. As a result, it synthetically supercharges the body's normal processes that have to do with circadian rhythm. It does this all without tampering with androgen receptors like SARM's do. As a result, there are no negative impacts on testosterone.


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