7 Clever Money Hacks

It's time to start living, NOT dreading the bills. If that sounds good to you, check out these 7 clever money hacks that will earn you thousands of dollars per month!

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7 Clever Money Hacks That Earn You Thousands

I used these 7 tools to turn my financial situation around. You can too!

Use these money hacks to free up capital and save for things like vacations, investments, or education.

Leverage these short-term solutions into a lifetime of gains. 

Doing so can increase you and your family's quality of living. 


Ah yes, the age-old topic of discipline.

Jocko Willink, a navy seal, said it best: "Discipline equals Freedom."

It's simple: Discipline leverages your time to manifest your dreams.

To do this, you must develop a system that promotes good behaviors.

Then, you must commit to the plan.

A quote from Aristotle - "Through Discipline There is Freedom"

There's a problem: Distractions block you from your true potential.

You commit to a goal, but 24 hours later, find yourself glued to the smartphone binge-watching "Squid Games" on Netflix.

After this glut of procrastination, you spiral into negative self-critique.

To reverse engineer these dopamine traps, like Netflix or YouTube, I created the microGains tracker

It's a spreadsheet that helps you track small wins, labeled as 'micro gains', towards your goals.

I consistently use this for all facets of my life like fitness, investments, or scheduling.

It has allowed me to retake power over my actions and goals.

It does this by tracking and holding myself accountable to my goals.

It creates two main benefits: 

    • First, it helps retain knowledge and internalize feedback. 
    • Second, it reinforces the idea of scaling small wins with consistency. Over time this creates a positive reward loop. It helps you focus on the present with the big picture in mind. As you rack up small wins every day, you find yourself consistently achieving new milestones. 

Make a copy of the microGains tracker here

Using this principle for the discipline of meal prepping: Watch now.

Home Gym

I stopped paying gym dues for over 10 years now.

Doing this saved me over $6,000 while in the best shape of my life. 

This is how I did it.

If your gym fee is $70 a month, you are paying $840 annually.

For most people, this isn't a lot. 

But realize what you can buy with $840. Does it shift your perspective?

Image of hamster running on a wheel

I wasted a lot of time at the gym to where it felt like a prison.

I was in a hamster wheel: I would pack my bag, drive to the gym, get a pump, shower, go home and repeat.

I felt like if I wasn't in a gym with the latest equipment, my gains would suffer.

This was false.

Image of a woman doing squats at home

Instead, I shifted my perspective to creating a home gym.

It felt wiser to invest the capital towards a home gym — Zero commute, zero cost, and the ability to workout whenever I want

Even better, my gym assets grew over time.

Get my 7x7x7 protocol (Free)

Get started on your own home gym

Perspective of the home gym vs the retail gym: Watch now.

Time Freedom

I wasted hours at the gym. 

It was a toxic relationship.

I stayed because I felt I needed the equipment for the gains.

But it enslaved me to spending a quarter of my life there.

Instead, the long-term play was to own a home gym.

This was a better investment.

Image of a spiral clock staircasing down

Having a gym in your own home frees up time and cash.

This allows you to scale your life faster over the long run.

So, cut your gym membership and create your own using the resources you freed up.

Here's another way you can free up time and stamina capital:

Buy groceries online. 

Then either pick them up or have them delivered.

You save more time and energy ordering from home.

Better, if you use the Rakuten app you will get cash back! 

Image of major grocery retailers participating with Rakuten for cashback
This frees up your time, money, and energy to pursue your passions and live a fulfilling life.

Passive Income

Passive income is important because if any of your income streams dry out, you must be prepared.

Thus, having multiple income streams is important.

Here are a couple ways you can grow your passive income streams. 

Image of a Line Graph of Money and Time

The first, which is my personal favorite, is an investing app called SoFi

SoFi is an all-in-one bank that offers banking, investing, and loans.

The best way to develop an income stream is through their investing app.

That's because it allows you to invest into fractional shares of companies like Apple or Nvidia.

Also, SoFi also has one of the highest yield Dividend ETF's ($WKLY, $TGIF).

Because of the ability to invest in different asset classes, SoFi is one of my favorites.

Get started by opening a trading account or IRA (Traditional or Roth).

Try these 3 Investing apps to start!

Some other investing apps you can try:

MooMoo is a commission-free trading platform that offers advanced trading tools along with access to high level data and market news. 

It makes it easier to trade equities while learning and implementing new strategies.

CashApp is a financial services app that allows you to send and receive money almost instantly. 

The great part about Cashapp is that it allows you to buy, send, and receive Bitcoin.

Bitcoin offers a chance to multiply your cash faster than any other investment type (along with higher risk).

Use code [FX3QFDV] to get $5.


Knowledge is power.

Learning new skills that are valuable to the marketplace can take you out of your comfort zone and into a new tax bracket.

The problem is there are so many skills to learn, with no guarantees.

One thing is clear, you must take risks to upgrade yourself out of your current situation.

The biggest thing to remember is that once you pick a skill, go all-in on it until you prosper. 

Or at least until you recoup your initial investment.

Knowledge is power - library

You can start with business skills like Accounting, Data Analysis, or Digital Marketing.

Explore trade ideas like Plumbing, Electrical Engineering, or Automotive repair.

If you were like me, taking any risk is scary so I made a video on it! Watch now.

Side Hustles

Knowledge is only important when you implement it.

After you have learned the necessary skills, it's important that you use it to create a side hustle.

A side hustle is any project that you do on the side that eventually provides income security. 

My side hustle on Etsy

For instance, if you go all in on ecommerce or digital marketing, then you might explore opening a: 

YouTube channel: This is a difficult but rewarding hustle because you are in charge of all content creation, branding, and marketing. You will have to develop the niche, name, content style, scripting and editing. I use a service called VidIQ to help me track analytics, develop video titles, and search for high potential video ideas. It has helped me go from 0 to 150 subscribers in 4 months. Check out VidIQ now.

Etsy Shop: Opening an Etsy shop is simple to do but does require digital marketing techniques to gain momentum. You can choose to create print on demand products that cater to passionate hobbyists or decide to curate handmade products on a small scale. Check out my shop at Tiger Boutique USA for handmade unisex fragrances made to boost attraction while elevating the highest body chemistry.

Apps & Surveys

Image of Salad.com store rewards page
Salad.com is a decentralized cloud app that provides bandwidth to consumers via their "chefs." When you install their desktop app, you become the chef that provides this bandwidth to consumers for their projects. I wrote an article about this on publish0x. Get started by installing the app and use code O0I3RJ for a 2x earning rate bonus!

Image of PrizeRebel Rewards oage
PrizeRebel is a convenient survey and offer web platform. It has many opportunities for you to earn with different survey, media, and offer partnerships. Surveys are always time consuming, but PrizeRebel makes it convenient for you to navigate with lower threshold amounts for prizes. Get started by signing up to PrizeRebel now.

Image of FreeCash App and its offers
FreeCash is an app for iOS or Android that provides hundreds of dollars just for playing games. Here is an offer that I'm currently doing that will net me over $600 within 1 month. Sign up to FreeCash using my link here.

That's It!

7 Clever money hacks that you can start immediately.

Use these tools to turn your life around! Elevate your life and become more valuable than you were before! I believe in you.

(P.S. I wrote on article about what I'll do to reach my goal of becoming a Bitcoin millionaire in 5 years or less! It's on Publish0x.)
Alex Sung

At an early age Alex knew he was different from most kids. He had D's and F's in early education and even had undiagnosed selective mutism alongside other mental health hurdles.

Despite these challenging experiences, he persevered and was able to "Tigerhack" his way to success. He created the Tiger Dojo to help everyone uncover these secrets.


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