365 Day Valorant Challenge: Get Paid to Play Video Games like Valorant

There is not a lot of money to be made in gaming. The talent pool is high, and the gaming proceeds go to those at the highest levels, whether in competitions, streaming, or content creation. With that being said, gaming is still a lucrative industry as a whole. But have you ever thought about making your passion your side hustle? Maybe you don't plan on being the best player, the best streamer, or the most famous content creator. That's entirely ok, and it is realistic. As a matter of fact, it is probably easier to digest when you downplay it as such. This blog is for those who would game regardless of whether they get paid or not. This is for those who want to have the potential of making money and is also a challenge within itself. Read till the end to hear the rules of January 2023's 365-day "Make Money Gaming Challenge."

1) Stream on Twitch or YouTube 

Yes, there is a lot of competition in the streaming world. And as your productivity coach, I am not advising you to quit your full-time job just to stream full-time. But I am advocating that you do what you love to do and build an empire. It doesn't make sense to game for fun while not getting anything in return. While you are trading your time and energy anyway, why don't you build something while doing so? This puts the pressure out of feeling like you have to perform while allowing you the grace period to grow. Whenever something becomes a job, it becomes a chore, and you will have to adopt a different mentality or structure. Putting the fundamental foundations in from the very beginning will make your transition to a full-time streaming job much easier. One thing that you have to be aware of is that while streaming is difficult at first, putting in the foundations is the hardest work you do, followed by consistency. Never lose that consistency and always try to make it fun! 

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2) Make YouTube Content

As I mentioned in my first episode: How to Make More Money in 2023, making YouTube content is about starting and following through. In most people's dream graveyard, the graveyard where dreams lay to sleep, the number 1 killer of their dreams was analysis by paralysis & lack-of-follow-through. The first thing never to worry about when starting is not to worry about the quality. By quality, I mean by comparison. People have all these lofty goals of what they envision their videos to look like, and when it doesn't meet their standards, they lose their motivation. Think about it this way, the key is just to start. The quality will come later. What is more important than quality, starting out, is consistency. Everything else will fall into place. Have you ever heard the phrase "use it or you lose it?" or "use what god gave you?" Make the most quality out of the quality tools you have now. If you are a gamer, and you love MMORPG games, think about the item qualities you have when starting out at level 1. It's probably going to be a rusty dagger. As you level up, so do the quality and make of your equipment. In the meantime, use the tools that you do have before you lose them. The quality you have now will be more than enough for you to start with, but for this year only. As technology evolves, like Moore's law, the threshold you have to use your level 1 equipment diminishes more. 

Run up the follows or forever be hard-stuck Bronze 

3) Affiliate Marketing & Start a Blog 

What I recommend is starting a blog that is key to your niche. Starting a blog is easy, and you do not have to be technically inclined at all! I recommend selecting a domain name by going to a reputable and honest source such as NameSilo. After picking up a domain name from them, you will have access to all of their amazing guides that allow you to simply plug in your domain to your preferred blog host, like Wix, Blogger, or Wordpress! You can even decide to pay a bit more and use their excellent website builder!

Next, all you would have to do is sign up to your affiliate marketing merchants of choice. I personally love, Rakuten and Amazon Affiliates. Affiliate marketing is a slow climb, but like I mentioned on step 2, think of yourself as a level 1 novice and as you move up the ranks you will slowly and surely earn more money! Think about making money as your full-time game and you will do well. 

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4) Sell Your Accounts

This is going to be competitive and also timing based. You want to be savvy if you ever decide to go this route because most of the sellers you see in the market are motivated sellers for different reasons. When there are motivated sellers, usually, it is because they are exiting the game and want to recoup some of the money they already poured into the game. If you decide to have an exit strategy on an account, you want to make more money than what you paid into it. Sure, you can't get the time back, but you can surely get the money back. Although it might not be much, if you sell your Platinum level account for $30 but paid $0, you earned a $30 profit!   

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The 365 Day Streaming Challenge

Starting on 2023, I want to challenge you all to stream with me and try to make your video game passion your reality! Pick any game, and I want you to stay on a consistent schedule for streaming at least once per week. I want you to stick with it no matter how good or bad you do. I want you to reinvest with discipline, back into your streaming side hustle and I want you to see how far you come. And document it! I want to see how much money you have made at the end of the 365 days at the end of 2023 on December 31, 2023. Comment here with your results! 

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