Looksmaxxing is a Vicious Cycle

Looksmaxxing is a social trend that has gripped the world. As the world goes digital, so do its value systems. Everything is now accessible with the touch of a smartphone. This leads many to dissatisfaction. In this article, you will learn what Looksmaxxing is, who Looksmaxxers are, and the social implications surrounding them.

What is Looksmaxxing?

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Well, let me ask you "How do you say 'potato'?" Most will say 'po-tay-toe' but, occasionally, someone will say 'po-tah-toe' to be extra slick! Similarly, most people improve their appearance to become better human beings. Occasionally, some strive to do so for the wrong reasons. 

Looksmaxxing is a lifestyle endeavor that focuses solely on the physical elements of personal development. It mirrors the belief systems of black pill incels who believe that society only rewards those who are blessed with perfect aesthetics. 

Looksmaxxers practice this lifestyle: to "max out their looks." 

Within subcommunities of Reddit, people post pictures of themselves to receive feedback and advice to better their looks. Many will do almost anything to enhance their looks because they believe it is the only way to move up in society. 

Looksmaxxing Surgically or Naturally

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On Reddit, within Looksmaxxing subcommunities, users post pictures of themselves to ask for feedback on how they might improve. They also add whether they are open to surgeries or want to keep things natural. Two types of people do so.

The first personality type is people who look for reassurance and ego boosts. They show a stoic exterior but are actually self-conscious. They are in it to reassure themselves that they need lots of work to look their best selves. In a way, any compliment gives them a huge satisfaction, but they are not completely satisfied because they already know they are not "good enough". 

The second personality type is people who already know they look good and sometimes want to promote their social media or OnlyFans. These people have already received enough compliments to know they are good-looking, but are desensitized to it. In their mind, any improvements they have made, have allowed them to get to this point. It reinforces their behaviors to climb the social ladder. They plan to continue this lifestyle indefinitely by getting surgeries to fill their perceived weaknesses. The goal of perfectionism has already been solidified. 

Social Implications 

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Looksmaxxers are the most self-conscious or self-hating people. They focus much of their resources on furthering their looks or dwelling in depression because of the status quo. Day after day, they repeat this time waste and find ways to become (more) better-looking. They believe that if they look better, it will solve all their problems. 

But it doesn't. It creates more issues because it causes them to chase perfection instead of progress. When they chase perfection, they become hateful individuals. 

Instead of seeking to become a unique 1/1 person, they look to their peers to confirm their weaknesses:

"Because 'Jordan Barrett' is taller than me, he gets higher quality dates" 

Instead of maximizing their time to better themselves in all areas of life, not just looks, they dwell on circumstances outside their control. They miss chances of maxing out their charisma to shoot their shot on the model-10 at the bar. They forget to focus on their own careers because they compare their results to more successful people. 

Instead of being 'unique', they focus on being 'clones' of more successful people.

Should you Looksmaxx? 

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No: If you wish to become an amazing person focusing on fulfillment, happiness, and consistent personal growth. 

Yes: If you wish to become a clone of trends that seek approval from others.

In this article, you learned about what Looksmaxxing is, who the Looksmaxxers are, and why it is bad for society. 

Let me ask you: 

Do you want to become a rare person or a trend chaser?

Build Armour (7x7x7)

Track microGains  

Alex Sung

At an early age Alex knew he was different from most kids. He had D's and F's in early education and even had undiagnosed selective mutism alongside other mental health hurdles.

Despite these challenging experiences, he persevered and was able to "Tigerhack" his way to success. He created the Tiger Dojo to help everyone uncover these secrets.


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