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I infiltrated the Black Pill Community...The truth shocked me

I infiltrated a segment of the pill community, and as I peeled its layers, untangled a dark web of lies and toxicity. I found that communities, defined as pills, were people that band together as tribes to perpetuate their agendas on life. Subsequently, I unveiled a pill epidemic of sorts. One of the communities that I unmasked was the Blackpill. As I pooled all of the information, I discovered the types of people that make up this tribe, why they join, its core philosophy on life, and why Blackpill shouldn't be followed. 

I was first introduced to this world when, as I scrolled through Reddit feeds, and saw a post titled "How do I quit blackpill?" At this time, I thought the pill universe was made up of only Blue or Red, so I was curious about what this was. After digging deeper, I found greater insidious pills including Blackpill. 

The Black Pill Effect

Blackpill is, at its essence, a pessimistic worldview that believes some people are rewarded with the genetic lottery and high-class upbringing, while others are not. As a result, especially in dating and relationships, some will be successful in life while others will not. With this worldview, in the Black Piller's mind, no amount of self-work can change the circumstances. 

People often correlate Blackpilling with Nihilism in that the state of the world is reality; that fundamental truths, knowledge, morality, goals, and other aspects of living have zero value. Although this can pivot from Nihilist to Nihilist, part of this existential skepticism is due to a resignation of fundamental living as others normally adhere to, such as goal setting or self-care. That is because there is extreme skepticism attributed to doing so, seeing as how nothing will change in life by adopting such trivialities. Another part is because any hope of living a value-added life has been shattered over a lifespan as a result of consistent reinforcement.  

Despite this skeptical worldview, Blackpillers and Nihilists alike both share a common theme. Both hold a shred of ego in that despite the innumerous realities of life that make life insufferable, there are some things in life that can make life more appeasing. For example, if a Blackpiller was born with any physical trait that is valuable in current society, it further reinforces current viewpoints. 

Blackpill Cult Members: "Incels"

Incels can be defined, in netizen speak, as someone that embodies low value or status in society. Incels are usually heterosexual males that often project misogynistic beliefs due to having no game, job, home, etc. 

99.99% of Blackpill members are Incels, but it does not mean that all incels belong in the Blackpill circle, since there are other pill communities in existence. Some of its members are also Femcels (the female counterparts to Incels). 

Membership Requirements

Incels gravitate towards Blackpill because the ego is dead. In their mind, life rewards the few that have a certain set of physical requirements. Without those, dating and relationships will never be successful. 

As a result of this, Incels commonly have extreme low self-esteem that is guised under honesty. Incels are unable to attract the opposite sex, where under this worldview, misogyny is commonly displayed. Members must also believe that no amount of self-development will change this situation since looks can never be replaced by non-physical traits such as personality.   


Blackpill is the extreme form of the Red Pill philosophy which promotes brutal honesty of the status quo. It states that women date with hypergamy in mind so men must always strive to become a higher man of value at all costs. In the Red Pill view, men can overcome any status limitations with brutal honesty and hard work. 

Unlike the Red Pill however, Blackpill believes that personal development will not change a dating situation for the man. Physical limitations will never be able to be hurdled in this viewpoint. 

Blackpillers, like many Nihilists, adhere to any truths that benefits them but discards others that don't. This doesn't mean that Blackpillers won't play the game of life as it is given, but it means that they don't see the point of it. They will play the game if it benefits them in some capacity.

An example of this is when Blackpillers work hard on self-development to achieve a high status in life to receive its accolades. This despite knowing that a man with better physical traits and equally achieved status will overshadow them given that women are hypergamists. 

Friedrich Nietzsche, the first Blackpiller

The Mountain

Blackpillers got to this state of mind because the ego has been shredded to oblivion. Life crushed them into a powder and they only live due to the remaining ego that exists. It is living catatonically with some sort of existential dread. 

Perhaps the media has consistently shown that attractive men with a certain set of physical characteristics are the ones that attract high caliber women. As a result of this, some boys grew up constantly feeling underappreciated. Possibly they were also bullied due to physical traits out of their control. These are also some commonalities shared with many women as well. Whatever the catalyst, the ego was consistently damaged and reinforced with this belief system. 

It is a tough mountain to climb from especially when the ego has been damaged so deeply. It is almost like starting from scratch where a man must now increase their ego and comfort zone. It is crawling out of an abyssal hole of perceived limitations and adopting more expansive ones. 

Blackpillers never actually chose Blackpill, Blackpill chose them. Most people will never receive membership into this community because it is a black hole of doom. In fact, if one were to even choose a pill, they should not choose any. All of these pill communities are limited worldviews and are cogently powerful because it attracts incels that ironically do not want to be incels anymore. 

If one were to choose, they should choose the Tiger Pill, a community of like minds that want more balance and harmony in life. 

Alex Sung

At an early age Alex knew he was different from most kids. He had D's and F's in early education and even had undiagnosed selective mutism alongside other mental health hurdles.

Despite these challenging experiences, he persevered and was able to "Tigerhack" his way to success. He created the Tiger Dojo to help everyone uncover these secrets.


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