Tiger Pill: Inner Peace (Big Wang Energy)


My brethren, today we unite under one umbrella as masters of conquest and expedition. With our short legs we have collectively walked millions of miles to reach the peak of existence. 

Often, we took the road less traveled because our journey was filled with treachery. We have been snaked by our giant allies, passed on for promotions to the new guy, and constantly belittled by the fake giant news media. 

But after millions of failures, heartbreak, and physical torture, we finally did it! And now we must pay it forward to pass on our knowledge to the future generations: the short princes and princesses that will work towards earning their crowns. 

The Goal:

Become less dependent on the approval of men or women.
Learn to love others for who they are.
Build bulletproof confidence.
Grow true leadership.
Find Zen.

Feeling Inadequate:

The biggest problem that triggers low self-worth is not feeling good enough. At its essence, society values some things while it devalues others. 

Because of these value systems, people are accustomed to living their lives according to these norms. They work on filling the void to become valuable. 

Often, the more holes they cover up, the bigger other potholes become. Now they have to maintain some holes while working to fill new ones. It's almost like keeping up with the Kardashians. The cycle of insecurity keeps increasing. 

Let's read a testimonial of a successfully self-conscious low value male that subscribed to the fake world.

Tandrew Ate is a 5'10" biracial male that works out consistently, has good hygiene and earns $80,000 annually. This is good by most standards but Ate wants great! The media, through television or Instagram, insufferably portrays high value men to be over 6 feet tall, have six pack abs, drive Rolls Royces, and earn upwards of $1,000,000 annually. Because of this, he drives so much pressure on himself to work out, hustle, and develop gooder hygiene to outperform the competition. 

Because of this, he is depressed and continues to have low self-worth. 

Tiger Pill:

Today's lesson is for the short princes that feel inadequate. For men that feel like everything is stacked up against them. They do not feel or look good, and as a result, do not feel masculine enough. 

It's also for the short princesses that feel like they constantly feel ugly and it's causing them to feel like their value is low. Even though they may be intelligent and have all these job qualifications, people only value them for their looks or physical assets. 

But sometimes the biggest red pill these men or women can swallow is that life is not fair. Life oftentimes rewards taller or sexier people. 

But it's not just about the red pill.

It is also to recognize that life is not a comparison game. 

The true goal is to swallow the Tiger Pill which can enhance performance and expand one's horizons. 

Chances are that many short princes' or princess' dreams were shattered when reality kicked in. And as a result, they kept lowering their goal posts. 

It went from "I want to date models" to "I want to take anything I can get". 

Or from "I want to feel pretty enough, like I'm doing something that matters" to "I'm going to post even more provocative photos to get that next dopamine hit or income goal!" 

And this is after scouring every self-help resource and getting to a good level. 

Meanwhile, a taller person with half the skills, enjoys a buffet of options. 

Or the prettier lady who started Instagram late, skyrocketed from 0 to 1 million followers in less than 60 days due to a Buzzfeed article. To some women, this lady isn't as pretty as them. 

But this is not a dating post. Neither is it about setting normal expectations. 

It is about removing the expectations completely to make space about what truly matters. 

The Tiger Pill is mental goal for inner peace. Finding inner peace helps with every possible sphere of society from dating, business, to self-betterment. 

The Tiger Pill arouses self-awareness and enhances ownership or accountability. In doing so, it develops leadership, promotes self-love, and troubleshoots limitless scenarios. 

Social Comparison

Growing up in the public school system, there are the popular kids and the unpopular kids. Then there are the kids that were in-between. 

Due to this dynamic, there was envy. The unpopular kids wanted to become popular, the in-betweens wanted to keep moving up, and the popular kids kept on swinging their 🍆causing internal conflict. 

Due to this, everyone knew what rank they were at. 

The social rank.

Cognitive Dissonance

Due to people aiming to scale their social rank, they lose sight of what matters. 

They sell their souls for clout.

The girls that grew up as tomboys eventually dabble in makeup while dressing more provocatively. And as they get more attention, begin taking more risqué pictures for increased Instagram likes. As they get more attention, it morphs into the "hoe phase." They never imagined that they would ever do something like this, but they rationalize this behavior by saying it is due to men being manipulative. 

The boys who grew up kind, but poor, start reading self-help books and taking lessons from dating gurus. As a result, they get richer while having more success with women. As they get more successful, they morph into completely wretched human beings. They never imagined that they would put people down so easily by saying nasty comments to kind people. And they become more abusive towards women. But they rationalize this behavior by saying it is because these people were weak. 

They push off these feelings of regret and discomfort until it blows up and they break down. 

Remove Herd Filter

Like Instagram, these people put on filters to make their actions seem like the right ones. But when they go to bed at night, the filters are gone. 

As they lay in bed thinking about their actions and the consequences that resulted in belittling other men or women to nothingness, the filters dissipate. 

They have 2 options. 

The first is to continue masking the pain of being terrible human beings while continuing to be successful superficially.

The second is taking accountability or ownership of what they did by deciding to do what's right.

Tribe of One

They never wanted to feel so guilty again, so they audited their tribe.

A tribe is a group of people that make up a person's core sphere of influence.

By auditing the tribe, they decide on which members are good versus which ones are evil, based on their goals or needs, and eventually pick the ones to keep. 

The herd mentality states that the overall tribe helps influence an individual member's decisions, thoughts and feelings.

And sometimes this is how bullying begins. 

When a group of popular kids gang up together and belittle the small, timid girl in raggedy clothes just because of who she is, it is the herd mentality in effect. 

And at night, when each individual member of the popular kids' gang goes to sleep, they all feel some dread and dissonance. 

True leadership comes when a member of a tribe goes against the general consensus when it is against the individual's core beliefs. 

This helps the member sleep well at night knowing they did everything in their power to become an actual man or woman of value. 

Developing the Self

If a man or woman is able to make decisions for themselves and aren't easily influenced by their tribe, they are a true leader. 

They are a tribe of one. 

Because they are not able to be bought and because their belief systems are as hard as titanium, they are no longer swayed by evil. 

But because they know that they are also the sum of who they surround themselves with, they are careful.

Thus, they closely monitor who they choose to surround themselves with and who they invest their time in. 

Then a curious thing happens. 

They become a high value person by being unequivocally themselves while never betraying their consciouses. 

They are at-peace with things outside of their control but continue to level up on a personal level based on their own standards.

As a result of achieving inner peace, they are able to work on their goals with clearer focus. 

This is true leadership.

Without tearing others down, while building them up...

They become an actual man or woman of value.  

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