How to get out of your compurrt zone in 2023

We all know life has a way of testing you. It tests your dreams, goals, and aspirations; and puts roadblocks between them for you to actively get past. Surely, if anything was worth reaching, there would be obstacles to get past! And also, we all know that life can be a paradox. It has a way of putting a cliffhanger or plot curve to where you were initially seeking a different path in life but eventually fell in love with another. 

Here, I want to make sure that you have done everything you can to exhaust all of your dreams and aspirations so that you can control your narrative. That way, you can never fall back to the old spiel "back in my day, I wanted to be a NASA pilot, but life got in the way!" Those will be excuses, and we will never fall into that trap. 

The following are combinations of checklists, internal reflections, and measurable goals that you will have to do to get out of your comfort zone in 2023 so that you can kick 2022's ass! Never will you procrastinate any longer. 

Do things that have stayed the passage of time

Have you been thinking of doing something for months, years, or even decades? Chances are that if you have been thinking of doing something for long enough, those will be the things you will have to get to work on before they become passages of regret. 

Find a way to make these goals a reality, and try to do it with urgency, while still having discipline in mind. In my own personal experience, one of my weaknesses is impulsiveness. With that comes the irrationality of doing something at the drop of a hat without planning for it. With that also comes the anxiety of postponing things due to fear of failure. For example, one of my goals is to travel by myself. And I am talking about traveling internationally all by myself. I have come close to doing it irrationally, without planning for it, and almost pulled the trigger on the flight purchase, but stayed my hand at the last minute due to the fear of failure. 

What have you always wanted to do but postponed it? 

Maybe you were SO, close to pulling the trigger on the goal, but that devil on your shoulder told you "Take the easy path my child." 

Maybe logic got the better of you, and you rationalized to yourself that you have to play the long game and put this off for the future when you are better off financially. Or telling yourself that being less risky is the way to go. You can use any number of excuses to put things off for long periods of time, and quite possibly if you do that for long enough, you might never accomplish them. 

What is the worst that can happen to you?

List all of the things that can happen negatively to you and be ready to accept the repercussions in spite of them. Earlier, I told you that impulsivity is one of my weaknesses, and with that also comes my fear of failure. Because I have had experiences with loss or failure as a direct result of my impulsivity, I have postponed many GOOD Things as a result. I let prior anxieties cripple me from doing some things. This is good because now you know what the worst-case scenario(s) is.

Now, you have to be willing to face those worst-case scenarios head-on and accomplish those goals DESPITE them. What are you willing to potentially LOSE to GAIN? There is no free lunch. Just know that. 

What is the best thing that can happen to you? 

After completing those bucket list items, think about how GOOD it will make you feel that you were able to accomplish those goals at such a relatively young age. This can be relative because if you were able to accomplish them, you were still in relatively good health and still in your prime! 

Earlier, I told you that one of my weaknesses is impulsiveness. But what I didn't tell you was that one of my greatest strengths is my flexibility. I am able to improvise and learn things on the spot! I am able to turn around negative situations into good ones if I simply get into RESOLUTION MODE and am not in failure mode. We all focus on our negative traits, but we never like to be present with our most positive traits. Focus on your strengths, never on your weaknesses. When you do that, you can make the best situations happen at any given time. 

My goals in 2023

Here are my goals in 2023 that I was never able to accomplish in 2022 due to FEARS!

Solo International Travel 

Compete in 2 to 3 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitions

Get my Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 

Make this blog financially secure so that I can quit my job in 2023 

Get 10,000 visitors per month 

What are yours?

Now that I put myself out there, I want YOU to control your destiny, and tell me which goals YOU are going to accomplish in 2023 next. 

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At an early age Alex knew he was different from most kids. He had D's and F's in early education and even had undiagnosed selective mutism alongside other mental health hurdles.

Despite these challenging experiences, he persevered and was able to "Tigerhack" his way to success. He created the Tiger Dojo to help everyone uncover these secrets.


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