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The Natural Laws

I want you to think of two immutable natural laws. These laws of nature dominate all aspects of life and cannot easily be changed. You would have to go through hell or high water to even cause a dent in these two laws of nature! Have you thought of them yet? I'll give you until the following paragraph to finalize your decision. 

Time's up! By now you may have thought of more than two laws of nature that most people cannot fight against. In fact, there are quite a lot. A few of those rules of nature are: 
  • Time
  • Newton's Law
  • Aging
  • Intelligence
  • Genetics
  • Economics 
  • Cause & Effect
  • Chaos Theory
  • Death 
These laws all meet each other throughout their lifecycle through some type of feedback loop. For example, as time goes on, you age, your body deteriorates over time, and you will eventually die. Let's step this up one level; keep reading. 

Some people are rich enough to afford all of the latest technology and health benefits that money can buy. As a result, people are constantly trying to cheat death & disease through things such as gene editing, chemotherapy, skin grafting, and heart transplants. This often causes the prolonging of actual death or disease, and the effect could be more chaotic than you think. 

Per the United Nations World Population Prospects 2019, by way of, a person dies every 11.14 seconds. Let's say one person that died was a US citizen from the state of North Dakota. His name was Bob, a 47-year-old male, who died of heart complications. He was an organ donor. Soon after he died, his organs were harvested and made available for people on a donor list. His healthy kidney was soon provided for Mary-Sue, a 39-year-old female from California, who was next on the list for kidney recipients. In some small way, we now have a little bit more data on how organs are harvested and implemented in surgery. And as the technology or knowledge of transplantation increases, while demand booms, other parts of the country or world in which those natural resources are abundant can decline in livability (such as natural resources for new technology) – The Butterfly Effect. 

Now go back up and read all of those bullet points I listed. Those natural laws all intertwine within their lifecycle. Would you agree? 


Before you proceed any further, I need you to agree to one thing. By reading further you first agree to do a handshake of agreement that you will abide by 2 rules. These 2 rules are ironclad laws of nature that must never be broken. 

Rule number 1: "There is no free lunch."

Biohacking is the idea that you can increase the performance of your own body & mind, naturally and ethically, with the power of science and cutting-edge technology. People have been harnessing this idea for centuries and didn't even know it. Did you know that coffee is not just a stimulant or wake-drug, but a nootropic? Coffee helps people to wake up in the morning, and also perform at a laser-like focus. 

In this blog article, we will go over a cursory look at just 2 areas of biohacking: Sports Performance and Productivity. Read carefully because the next few things can alter your life forever! 

All-Natural Performance Enhancing Amazon Supplements 

Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid, which is a naturally occurring hormone found in plants like Ajuga Turkestanica. Turkesterone is one of the safest, most effective ecdysteroid for lean muscle building, strength, endurance, and recovery. It works because of its close structure to testosterone, without having any of Testosterone's negative components or functions. 

Ecdysterone is an ecdysteroid found in some insects or plants such as spinach. Like Turkesterone, it has chemical properties similar to the hormone Testosterone, without its negative or illegal benefits. When tested on rats, there were significant hypertrophic benefits that at times were stronger than other illegal compounds! 

Both of these ecdysteroid compounds provided the following benefits: 
  • Protein Synthesis
  • Anabolism 
  • Red blood cell production
  • Bone remodeling & growth 
Researchers found that this highly controversial, yet legal compound was so successful in enhancing performance that they recommended adding it to the World Anti-Doping Agency's list of prohibited substances. Ecdysterone is currently not prohibited but has been on WADA's monitoring list since 2021, where they are currently researching to see if it should be added to their banned substances list. However, Turkesterone is not on any monitoring list and is not prohibited as well while still being considered better than Ecdysterone. 

Both of these substances don't even need to be used in a sports performance capacity. In fact, you can use it in everyday life for high-performance needs if you are ever feeling in need of recovery, adaptogenic needs, immune support, and more. 

In my experience, I have used both of these phytoecdysteroids with great success in my own life. I have high-performance needs in both work and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Adding to both of these needs, I also work out frequently. Over the course of a year, I was able to add 15 lbs. of lean muscle mass and increased my strength and endurance capacity significantly, while being successful in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and at work. 

Limitless Productivity

In my opinion, the way to achieve high productivity is to be able to retain and implement knowledge or information faster than the competition over a long period of time. This also means being able to use all resources of your brain and body, which also taps into creativity, discipline, and recovery. 

Have you ever been able to get into a flow state where you were in the zone and got so much productive work done? In martial arts, we call this flow state "Mushin" which means "no-mind", where you are cognizant of everything in a Zen-like state while flowing and problem-solving every attack your opponent is sending your way. 

In order to be productive, you must be fully focused over extremely long periods of time to tackle high-priority objectives. This requires discipline, creativity, and adequate recovery. There is an adage that goes "the mind controls the body," and this is no different! Let's say that you are writing a thesis paper for graduate school. In order to complete this, you discover that you need at least 4 hours of intense focus per day on research for your thesis. You also discover that you need this over long periods of time, and not just a few days, to reinforce newfound pieces of knowledge that you gained. This means you need to have high-energy every single day, incorporate discipline to consistently meet production, and recover properly to keep this pace over a lifetime. I already talked about the physical aspect of performance above, but now let's focus on the mental. 

People seek out mental supplements for various reasons. Many people struggle with attention difficulties, and they struggle with doing boring tasks that they should be doing to increase the quality of their lives. When they try to do such tasks, they get bored quickly and even fall asleep doing them! That is why they look for supplemental support in things such as Coffee, Nootropics, or Adderall.

What is the difference between Adderall and Caffeine? The right question to ask here is rather "what is the similarity between Ritalin and coffee? 

Both are Central Nervous System (CNS) compounds except that one is regulated and the other is available to everyone. Adderall, according to experts, can be used as a physical, cognitive, and euphoriant enhancer by controlling dopamine, norepinephrine, and other brain regions. Both caffeine and Adderall can enhance reaction time, wakefulness, and concentration, while it appears that Adderall affects perception a lot more. This can promote an internal feeling of going beyond limitations as described by researchers after observing when people who used Adderall at a recreational level can go beyond their exertion limits and increase their body's core temperature limit. It is akin to overriding a perceived or actual "safety switch" (Wikipedia Contributors, 2023). 

It appears that based on the expert's research, concentration, wakefulness, body performance, and perception play a big role in long-term productivity. It seems that the highest-performing people in society, are able to perform above their peak limits because they can completely override all natural limitations with only their minds. Over the long term, they are able to shift the dopamine-reward system to positively reinforce their body to repeat behaviors that will give them longer-term value (i.e., Money in their bank accounts) rather than shorter-term gratifications (i.e., watching YouTube videos). 

This is why people love "limitless" supplements because it helps them achieve Zen, from a productivity standpoint state, by directly impacting their brain chemistry. However, it leaves room for people to abuse such drugs because of the "euphoric" feeling that these supplements give them when they achieve high productivity from a short-term standpoint. Because of this, almost all regulated substances, including Ritalin and Adderall, are prohibited from being used in recreational performance-enhancing activities (World Anti-Doping Agency, 2023c).

The goal, rather, should be to use such compounds safely and only when needed (supplementally & prescriptively) to eventually route your mind and body to achieve the highest performances naturally. Think of yourself as a Shaolin monk that has trained religiously for decades to achieve the highest level of spiritual enlightenment. 

Please note: This blog uses Amazon Associates to earn commissions on certain affiliate links. This company provides no financial or health advice. Consult with all health or financial experts for your own personal use. 


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Alex Sung

At an early age Alex knew he was different from most kids. He had D's and F's in early education and even had undiagnosed selective mutism alongside other mental health hurdles.

Despite these challenging experiences, he persevered and was able to "Tigerhack" his way to success. He created the Tiger Dojo to help everyone uncover these secrets.


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