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The Pomodoro Method 🍅

The Pomodoro Method

What is the Pomodoro Method?

Pomodoro means tomato in Italian. That's it. That's the Pomodoro Method...

Just kidding! It is BEYOND just tomatoes. 

The Pomodoro Method is a powerful productivity technique designed for DESTROYING procrastination AND precrastination! It was created by a then-struggling university student named Francesco Cirillo after finding himself overwhelmed by his studies and procrastinating regularly.

After procrastinating to no end in sight, Francesco found that as his final exam was nearing, he was soon running out of luck and time.

Feeling desperate, he needed to turn this around FAST

Randomly, he finds a tomato-shaped kitchen timer, and he tries something new. His goal? To see if he could stay focused for 2 minutes without any distractions. 

So, he sets the Pomodoro timer for 2 minutes where his goal is to study for an upcoming final exam with ZERO distractions. 

It was a gigantic success!

Eventually, he increased the time from 2 minutes to 25 minutes, and over time, his habits improved dramatically.

...And that is how the Pomodoro method was born

But...Why is this Pomodoro DARK?

It's dark because it got moldy and old due to being underutilized. People bought the tomato timer but forgot it was even there and it expired. 

And then...something dark happened.

The mold spore became one, then one became many. And a weird chemical reaction manifested. As millions of black mold spores began to colonize, it underwent a transformation. Soon they formed into eyes, then a snout, and finally teeth. 

A Dark Pomodoro was born. 

Soon the tomato, which should have been a good thing, became one that spoiled peoples' plans. 

Then it spoke.

Instead of utilizing me to do productive things, I hear you have reverted to your old ways and are playing video games. You disappoint me, Francesco!!

Perhaps Francesco used the Pomodoro for a few weeks, but after finals week was over, old habits resurfaced. Now the Pomodoro timer became a haunting relic. 

Now the question might be:

How does one optimally use the Pomodoro timer? with ZERO Burnout

1🍅 = 25-minute session + 5-minute break

STEP 1: Pick 1 task

STEP 2: Set a timer for 25 minutes of DEEP WORK 
(No non-task emails, YouTube videos, Text messages, et. al.)

STEP 3: Take 5 minutes to rest

STEP 4: If you do 4🍅, you receive one 15–30-minute break

4🍅 = 15–30-minute break

For large tasks that require more time

If there is a task that cannot be completed by 4 Pomodoros, it must be divided into smaller bite-sized action steps.

Once a Pomodoro starts, it must not be stopped. 

So, if a task has already been completed early, use the remaining amount of time to learn more skills, or do something productive that is related to the task. 

For example, if you had written a work-related email, you can reread it for accuracy, grammar, and for on-branding. 

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