Can Hair Grow Back After Thinning? Hair Regrowth Results

I never imagined my hair would thin as I got older because it wasn't genetic. Both my parents had healthy hair which never showed signs of thinning. But perhaps it was due to years of my own negligence that led to this point. For many years I put my body through severe stress and never let it recover. Further, I had been pulling my hair as a stress cope which caused the hair thinning to fester. It got worse at the beginning of 2024; I got worried. The thinning progressed quicker than ever so I started researching how to regrow hair after hair loss. At this point, I had developed several bald spots alongside rapid hair thinning. So, I wasn't sure if I could reverse the damage or regrow damaged hair follicles, but I was game for a challenge. Here are some things I changed, implemented, and used to regrow some of my lost hair. 

Why Does Hair Thin?

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Why does hair loss begin for healthy individuals without a family history of pattern baldness or alopecia? I asked myself this question at the beginning of 2024 because, for years, I lived without fear of hair loss because it wasn't in the family history.  Consequently, I put my body through heavy stress including poor sleep hygiene, irregular eating habits, and high-stress work output. I kept deluding myself that the sacrifices would be temporary. In ignorance, I avoided the symptoms my body was attempting to tell me. 

There are lots of reasons why hair loss begins for men or women. But for me, the two main causes were poor lifestyle habits and trichotillomania (hair pulling). I regularly consumed massive amounts of caffeine which led to poor sleep hygiene. I worked constantly alongside a strict workout regimen that left me in constant fatigue and doziness. I would eat and sleep at irregular times which caused me to have imbalances in hormones. As a result, I found myself constantly worried and in a state of cortisol. I would keep myself awake and manage stress by pulling on my hair. Over time, these life decisions began to take a toll on my hair which began to thin. 

I Began Sleeping More

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Circadian Rhythm regulates sleep while upkeeping the body within business hours. Similar to a timing belt, it ensures that everything works together on a routine. When the body is in sync, it ensures proper release of hormones at the right times with just the right amounts in the morning and at night. It also balances cellular processes like metabolism or cell regeneration. By sleeping regularly, and on a set schedule, I ensured that my body adapts and rejuvenates properly. Allowing my body to rest completely for 8 hours consecutively, allowed it to heal damaged hair follicles and promote other cellular processes.

Read More On SR-9011: How It Can Promote Circadian Rhythm:

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Using Better Shampoo

Previously I used shampoos that had a lot of chemicals and harmful ingredients. Using these chemical shampoos while being rough on the hair would expedite hair loss. Until I introduced a new shampoo to my routine. I used a Biotin-rich shampoo that was free of sulfates and parabens. Also, the shampoo I used incorporated plant stem cells with a lot of collagens. To use it, I squeezed and lathered a dime-sized amount from the pump, and then gently massaged my scalp with it for a few minutes. After 3 months, stacked with other products, my hair loss significantly decreased while regrowth increased.

Highly Effective Minoxidil

After the shower, I sprayed 7 pumps of Minoxidil spray directly onto the affected areas of my scalp. It took me 3 months to see results. With consistency, I regrew new hair and shed the damaged ones. I opted for the Minoxidil spray which included castor oil and niacinamide to promote hair growth. I would spray it 6 to 7 times on the affected areas after my shower, once in the morning and again at night. The spray would cover the affected areas and I would comb over them to ensure it was adequately spread and dried. After 3 months, I noticed new hairs would regrow out of previously bald spots with less hair loss. 

Blood flow to the Scalp

The root of hair follicles is supplied blood through blood vessels. Blood flow must be provided to the root otherwise it can close up. If closed, it can create hair thinning and eventual hair loss. I tested two herbal products which helped provide blood flow to my scalp for hair regrowth. 

DHT Blockers

DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone, is an androgen that converts from Testosterone every single day. Usually, it is a small amount that isn't problematic. There are even benefits for DHT like central nervous system support and stress resistance. But problems can happen as people age or if there are imbalances of DHT. There are herbal supplements like Saw Palmetto or medical prescriptions like Finasteride that help regulate large amounts of DHT. They do this by blocking it to support hair regrowth. However, DHT problems can happen with normal amounts of DHT. Genetic predispositions to androgenic hair loss from inadequate androgen processing can lead to hair loss. As a result, this is where consulting a doctor is beneficial as the risks of hormonal imbalances are significant.


I didn't expect much, but with time, I began to see results. After 4 months, previous bald spots related to sports injuries (hair being pulled out in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training) started to regrow new hair. Areas where hair started thinning began to grow again. Gradually, there was significant hair regrowth and improvements in hair loss. I did this using the right protocol, less abrasive shampoo, and proper products that promoted hair blood flow and cell regeneration. 

Hair Regrowth Products

Disclosure: This is not medical advice. This is my experience and research only. Consult with a health professional for your own individual health concerns. 

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