30 Days Later...My Results On SR-9011

The Experiment

I initially took this compound for sport-specific reasons. I did it to improve the recovery and endurance aspects of my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu pursuits. 

But I also tested it to regulate my entire body and mental health. SR-9011 is commonly used as a synthetic agonist that binds to neuroreceptors that regulate circadian rhythm, which has various compound effects on mental health, hormones, and metabolism. 

I didn't expect to see many results, but what ended up happening was astounding. 

The Results

  • Improved recovery from BJJ training 
  • Increased energy for Calisthenics training post-BJJ
  • Increased stamina, hypertrophy, and strength gains 
  • Improved learning and development for BJJ as a result of stamina increase
  • Sleep pattern enhancement 
  • Improved mood and wellness
  • Less appetite while maintaining or increasing output
  • Improved skin and cellular metabolism

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Alex Sung

At an early age Alex knew he was different from most kids. He had D's and F's in early education and even had undiagnosed selective mutism alongside other mental health hurdles.

Despite these challenging experiences, he persevered and was able to "Tigerhack" his way to success. He created the Tiger Dojo to help everyone uncover these secrets.


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