Monday, December 25, 2023

30 Days Later...My Results On SR-9011


The Experiment

I initially took this compound for sport-specific reasons. I did it to improve the recovery and endurance aspects of my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu pursuits. 

But I also tested it to regulate my entire body and mental health. SR-9011 is commonly used as a synthetic agonist that binds to neuroreceptors that regulate circadian rhythm, which has various compound effects on mental health, hormones, and metabolism. 

I didn't expect to see many results, but what ended up happening was astounding. 

The Results

  • Improved recovery from BJJ training 
  • Increased energy for Calisthenics training post-BJJ
  • Increased stamina, hypertrophy, and strength gains 
  • Improved learning and development for BJJ as a result of stamina increase
  • Sleep pattern enhancement 
  • Improved mood and wellness
  • Less appetite while maintaining or increasing output
  • Improved skin and cellular metabolism

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